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A slow-draining tub usually signals a problem in your pipes. Attempting to use a drain snake can scratch and scrape your pipes. Similarly, chemical drain cleaners are corrosive and can make matters even worse.

Our experienced Berlin drain cleaning team offer a safe, effective way to clear your drains. Contact us at (410) 834-0699.

Informed Drain Treatment Options

Committed to both protecting your pipes and improving their overall efficiency, we use tried-and-true methods to clear your drains of debris, gunk, and other things that build up in your pipes over time. In some minor cases, a snake auger can successfully remove a clog. For other homes, a more comprehensive drain cleaning might be in order. Cable machines are frequently used to remove blockage.

You probably have a problem with your drains if you notice:

  • Slow-flushing toilets
  • Bathroom sinks that never completely drain or seem to bubble as the water runs out
  • Water coming up one side of your kitchen sink when you drain the other
  • A strange smell emitting from your drains

We'll make sure you're well-informed before properly treating your drains. First, we'll digitally image your entire plumbing system using a video pipeline investigation. Our certified professionals can expertly snake our camera through your pipes to more precisely pinpoint the location of the problem. This process will ensure we're treating the source of your slow drains, rather than just pushing debris further down the line. If you discover that your issue lies deeper than the drain pipes, we can provide sewer services and inspections as well.

Then, usually through HydroJetting, we'll remove the block and make sure your entire plumbing system is clean and clear for better, faster draining. HydroJetting is a process that safely presses water through your pipes to completely clear blocks. It's an especially effective way to clean out any grease trapped in your kitchen drain.

Think you might have a drain problem? Call (410) 834-0699 to schedule an drain cleaning in Berlin, Worcester County, and the surrounding areas.

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